Latest Additions to the Lifetime Collection

Italy 2000 has always been known for bringing you the latest in modern furniture for 30 years. This year, we were very fortunate to be able to bring to you the first pictures of the Lifetime Collection from the Milan Furniture Fair back in April of 2014. The initial release of the catalog photos for both the living and dining room collection received a great response from those who were fortunate to be at the show in Italy, and by those who had to stay behind.


lifetime living room


So just after few short months we are finally able to bring you even more from this groundbreaking collection. First, we have the long awaited Lifetime Collection bedroom. Once again, Giorgio combines bronzed brass, leather and fabric, specked with Spanish Emperador marble and Murano glass accents to create one complete luxurous ensemble. Click on the image for a closer look. 

lifetime bedroom


Once you have your bed, then go ahead and spoil yourself with these additional niceties.


Lifetime floor mirror and vanity


Giorgio then topped themselves this year at the Milan Furniture Fair by brining out something entirely unexpected. Even after a great showing of the new sofa and lovaseat for the living room, they suprise everyone with a whole new sectional design to compliment an already amazing collection. The Sayonara. 


sayonara sectional


Not just a sectional was added, but all of the complimentaries needed to create a total look. And with your choice of leathers and fabrics for you to choose from, the look you create can be made yours and your alone.

sayonara style living room 


And did we mention the floor mirror with built in 46" plasma TV? 


lifetime floor mirror with tv


Once again, we are happy to be able to provide another first look into the Giorgio Lifetime Collection. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated. These pieces aren't available quite yet,  but we expect for them to arrive within the coming months. When they do, we will post updates, but you need to stay connected to recieve them! 



As if these great new designs weren't enough, Giorgio now offers even more ways to add to the beauty of their collection.



The Lifetime Collection utilizes an assortment of materials, from bronzed brass to leather to create a complete look. One of the central elements was the use of marble to top many of the key pieces. Shown using the Spanish Emperador above, Giorgio is now offering a choice of two more sumptuous colors. 




This collection seems to be just getting better and better! So, please contact us should you have any questions, and don't forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates!



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