Many people in Los Angeles learn about the spectacular quality offered by Italian furniture designers and immediately know that fine Italian furniture is the only option. Finding quality Italian leather sofas and furniture doesn’t need to be difficult, and it doesn’t need to be overly expensive.



Italy 2000 is often thought of Los Angeles’s most prized provider of quality Italian leather furniture. Though many furniture stores in Los Angeles market themselves as offering truly unique and affordable Italian leather furniture, Italy 2000 is what most people think of when they are seeking truly outstanding contemporary furniture. Italy’s fantastic selection, friendly sales and furniture experts and unparalleled showrooms have helped make them one of the most well known furniture stores in Los Angeles offering some of the finest products including world famous Natuzzi collections.


After nearly 30 years in the leather sofa and furniture business, Italy 2000 offers what few other furniture providers can. Italy 2000’s unparalleled collection of designer Italian leather furniture has become something that competing furniture stores can only dream of providing. Italy 2000’s expertly trained friendly staff sets the standard for customer service among furniture providers in Southern California. Italy 2000 offers only the highest quality products and their expert staff can always find exactly the piece to match any customer’s most specific needs, and when they don’t have it in the showroom they are always able to find you need and can order nearly anything you can imagine.


Natuzzi has been one of the most popular Italian furniture providers, providing fine Italian furniture to hundreds of countries around the world for more than fifty years. They offer some of Italy 2000’s most stunning products. Italy 2000 is proud to be able to offer furniture from all three of Natuzzi’s world famous brands.


The Natuzzi Brand, sometimes referred to as Natuzzi Italia in the US, is the flagship brand, which offers an established selection of high quality designs and superbly manufactured furniture. Natuzzi Italia offers the furniture made with the highest quality raw materials that have proved capable of standing up against style trends and lasting as long as the rooms they inhabit.


Natuzzi Editions, also called Leather Editions, is a brand that focuses on offering spectacular leather Italian designs at prices that cannot be beat. They have styles for every taste, every room and every budget. Natuzzi Leather Editions offers consistently high quality designs and the brand is regularly requested, even by many of the high profile and celebrity customers that frequent Italy 2000.


Natuzzi’s Italsofa was introduced in 2000 with rave reviews. The collection of sofas and armchairs is ideal to meet the needs of customers who want dynamic, modern, and sleek furniture to match their chic and smart lifestyles. Italsofa’s chairs and sofas are some of the most popular pieces offered at Italy 2000, a definite customer favorite.


If you have never encountered Natuzzi furniture or if you are wondering what makes Italian furniture so amazing, we highly recommend a visit to one of Italy 2000’s showrooms today  so you can find out for yourself what positions Natuzzi and other Italian leather furniture providers head and shoulders above the rest.


Of course the rich history and fine culture that produces such excellent furniture could take several lifetimes to absorb and understand, but it is many of the foundational elements of Italian culture and history that go into making Natuzzi and other Italian furniture so extraordinary. Nestled among ancient Roman architecture and generations of craftsmen and engineers, companies like Natuzzi are saturated in a rich culture of passionate creation. It is no wonder Italy is responsible for some of the world’s greatest food, clothing, and design. In every sofa and chair offered by Natuzzi you can’t help but feel the energy infused by the designers and know that these pieces are some of the best furniture products in the world.


Italy 2000 has been carrying Natuzzi and other fine Italian furniture collections for more than 25 years, because they discovered early on that providing a quality product that is built to last is as important as providing quality service that keeps a company running smoothly. The staff at Italy 2000 earned their sparkling reputation by continually providing excellent customer service year after year. They know their showrooms, they know their products, and they know that what is most important is providing every customer with personalized care and finding them the exact furniture to meet their needs. Even when it means contacting suppliers to make custom orders for items not featured in the store, on the website or in the supplier catalogues, the staff is willing and ready to serve and they make sure that before you leave you are family and you have exactly what you want.


Consistently keeping fabulous furniture like Natuzzi available isn’t the only thing that sets Italy 2000 above their competitors. Their products, their reputation, their expert staff and their gorgeous showrooms position them to be the best equipped furniture store in Los Angeles and their impressive celebrity clientele only speak to their integrity. While you can easily visit one of their Los Angeles showroom floors, you can also browse through many of Italy 2000’s most popular pieces on their newly redesigned webpage,

If you want to know what Italy 2000 have become the powerhouse of a furniture store that they are, or why they are called the furniture supplier to the stars, stop by one of their spectacular showrooms today and see for yourself.



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