Italy 2000 Emmy Commemorative Ad and Product Guide

The 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will we back in Los Angeles August 25th, 2014. Now is the time for everyone to gather together to honor our favorites and show appreciation for those who have entertained us over this past year. Unfortunately, we all can't make it to this exclusive affair, but there has been one magazine that has covered the Emmys every year since the beginning. Since the very first Emmy Awards at the Hollywood Athletic Club in 1949, Variety has been there to report on the who's who and what's what before, during and after this prestigious event. This year is no exception. And in usual Hollywood fashion, every table, goodie bag and limo wouldn’t be complete without its very own complimentary issue of the Emmy Commemorative. However, there is just one more thing about this special edition. We get to go along for the ride!

Can’t make it to the Emmys? Head to the nearest news stand and pick up your copy of Variety Aug. 19th. Then turn to page 49 to see our latest ad featuring many new and exclusive pieces. To make it easier to find more information about some of the items featured in the ad, we have created this index to help you out. Should you have any other questions, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We'll be more than happy to assist you.




Variety Emmy Issue



variety cover



Use this guide to find more information on some of the peices featured in the ad. 



Daydream Dining Table

Daydream Dining Table

lifetime bed 

Lifetime Upholstered Bed 

Dila Bed 

DIla Bed

Sayonara Sofa 

Sayonara Sofa

Sabine Sofa 

Sabine Sofa by Nathan Anthony – Designed by: Tina Nicole

Absolute Desk 

Absolute Presidential Desk

Absolute sectional 

Absolute Sectional

Sunrise Bedroom 

Sunrise Bed



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