Modern furniture Burbank Store You Should Visit

What could be classier than furnishing your home Italian style? The truth is that Italians really know how to do decor.

People who travel to Italy and rent one of their villas with understanding this sentiment perfectly. There is often marble in the entire home. The mirrors can be wall to wall. There is gold inlaid in many of the furniture pieces. And then, when you go on the balcony, there is still an ample space to relax. The Italians know that terraces are important parts of their home. The large balconies let in a lot of light to the rooms.

Italian furniture is known to be decorative. So expect a lot of detail on your pieces. And if you are looking for modern Italian furniture in Burbank, then you will be happy to know it is accessible to you. Much of the Italian furniture styles come from the neoclassical period. And here, once again, Italy was at the center of starting the entire trend in decor for the world.

The neoclassical era was from the mid 18th century to the early 19th century. These styles of furniture were based on Louis XVI. So if you have ever toured palaces in Europe, you will begin to imagine what this furniture looked like. Think of those lounging couches with one end upturned and the other is not even there. There is a distinct lack of symmetry and an exaggeration that still prevails in many modern Italian couches.

Armoires, or armadi are staple pieces from this period. They are geometric in shape from neoclassical time. Many people desire to have these in their homes because they are sturdy and can actually hold clothing. Back in the early time period, armoires were inlaid with gold and silver. This makes for a beautiful, stunning piece that is timeless.

Writing tablets were made more Italian by adding large slabs of marble to the desk. Anything carried over from the Renaissance usually had precious stones and gems added to it to give it a look of sophistication.

From the past to present, anyone can see why Italian furniture is highly sought after. After all, people can actually pass these pieces on from generation to generation because of the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Modern Italian furniture tends to also play with geometry and has quite a unique patterning. Think spirally bookcases that are not straight at all. They are more a work of art. Italy 200 has the best modern Italian furniture selection in America. So if you are looking to check out the latest work from Italy, visit a store in Burbank.

Modern Italian furniture in Burbank has never been easier to locate. If you are intrigued by the trends going on in Italian furniture or want a classic piece that looks like it belongs in another century, then Italy 200 is the place to visit.

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